05 March, 2018

Day 36: Four Housemates Qualifier For Today's Head of House Final Challenge

Four housemates have qualified to participate in the Head of House final challenge of Big Brother Naija 2018 week 6.

While some housemates were in their beds sleeping, Big Brother ordered all the housemates to go to the garden and prepare to move to the arena for this week's Head of House qualifier challenge.

And for this week's Head of House qualifier challenge, the housemates were required to balance a golf ball on the end of short pole that would be given to them and walk from the starting line to the finish line on the other end of the arena while making sure that the ball does not fall off from the end of the pole.

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There were two lines, the yellow line which was the starting position and the blue line which is the finish line.

The housemates had to balance the ball on the end of the pole before leaving their starting position, if a housemate touched the ball with his or her hands at any point after they've started and before they've finished, they were supposed to go back to the starting position and restart the race.

If the ball fell off from the pole, a housemate was supposed to pick it up and move back to the starting line and try again.

The challenge started with only the male housemates competing against each other and at the end of the race, Tobi and Leo emerged as the winners.

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Then came the girls who also competed against each other with Alex and Bambam emerging as victors.

This simply means that Alex, Leo, Bambam and Tobi have all qualified to participate in this week's Head of House final challenge that is scheduled to take place later on today.

Congratulations to the four of them and we wish them the best in the final challenge later on today.

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