14 March, 2018

BBNaija 2018 Day 45 Live Feed Blog

11:55pm - Some housemates are began going to bed

10:10pm - Housemates are having dinner

10:05pm - Cee-C is serving dinner

8:42pm - Lolu and Alex are outside the house conversing as the latter does some laundry

2:37pm - Housemates are having their lunch

2:41pm - Seems like Alex found the culprit who stole and ate her meat and only left the soup, Teddy A.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

2:35pm - Alex is complaining that someone stole and ate her meat

2:32pm - Housemates are preparing to have lunch

1:55pm - Jungle fever in the house, housemates are having a blast dancing around in animal costumes

12:57pm - Big Brother orders all the housemates to close the front doors of the house and remain in the garden until further notice

12:00pm - Housemates have been working on their It's  #NokiaMobileonAndroid short story ideas and complete concepts.

11:52am - Head of House Nina reads out the latest task brief from Big Brother to the housemates who are all gathered in the lounge, Biggie asks the housemates to submit their #NokiaMobileonAndroid short story ideas and complete concepts.

11:48am - Head of House Nina moves around the house waking up all the sleeping housemates after receiving a task brief from Big Brother.

11:05am - Majority of the housemates are in their beds sleeping.

10:40am - Nina is in the kitchen washing dishes

10:55am - Its breakfast time in the Big Brother Naija house

9:28am - Head of House Nina is cleaning the house just like she does everyday

9:26am - Anto is eating food, we're not sure whether it's left over food or not

9:24am - Rico Swavey and Tobi are discussing a few things

9:16am - Cee-C goes back to her bed for some sleep

9:14am - Big Brother orders the housemates to close all the front doors of the house and remain indoors until further notice.

9:09am - Anto is having a conversation with Lolu as she does laundry

9:00am - Anto is outside the house doing laundry

8:57am - Nina is making all beds in the housemates' bedroom

8:46am - Alex and Rico Swavey are having a conversation in the kitchen

8:40am - Most housemates are now taking baths and cleaning themselves up following their morning workout session

8:37am - Straight away from the morning workout session, Alex is seated at the kitchen counter eating her leftover food

8:32am - The housemates' morning workout session comes to an end, they've all left the arena and moved back to the house.

8:23am - Miracle is just seated while his fellow housemates proceed with the morning workout

7:48am - The housemates' morning workout session has began 

7:46am - The housemates leave the garden and move to the arena for their daily morning workout

7:35am - Housemates are seated in the garden waiting for instruction from Big Brother to move to the arena for their morning workout session.

7:10am - Housemates have began waking up

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