05 March, 2018

BBNaija 2018 Day 36 Live Feed Blog

11:58pm - The boys are in the garden conversing as Teddy A smokes his cigarettes

11:35pm - Seems like Ifu Ennada is really pissed off as she can't quarrelling

11:31pm - Biggie summons Head of House Bambam to the diary room

11:29pm - The housemates are now having their dinner

11:08pm - Here we go, Cee-C and Tobi are once again arguing..

10:16pm - Today's diary sessions come to an end with Teddy A

8:35pm - Big Brother warns Alex never to eat inside his diary room

8:17pm - Day 36 diary sessions have kicked off with Rico Swavey

8:06pm - Rico Swavey and Teddy A are in the garden chatting as the latter smokes some cigarettes.

7:34pm - Big Brother announces the four housemates' pairs that are up for possible eviction this week and then he wishes all the housemates a good evening.

7:32pm - Head of House Bambam uses her power to save Teddy A & Nina and replaces them with Team Cee-C & Lolu.

7:30pm - Big Brother announces the nominations results to the housemates who are all gathered in the lounge.

7:22pm - The nominations end with Rico Swavey representing team Bamco

7:00pm - Week 6 live nominations have been with Ifu Ennada representing team Lifu.

6:28pm  - Paporte delivers the housemates food and everything for this week that they shopped yesterday.

5:21pm - Bambam wins the Head of House title for week 6 after beating Tobi, Alex and Leo

4:59pm - The head of House final challenge for week 6 has began

4:30pm - Housemates have started eating their lunch meal

4:08pm - Mean while in the lounge, Ifu Ennada is sleeping on the couch as she chats to Rico Swavey and Teddy A who's on the couch with his lady Bambam

4:02pm - Tobi is so busy in the kitchen still preparing food

3:59pm - Bambam and Teddy A are on the couch with the former sleeping on the latter's chest

3:21pm - Ifu Ennada is dancing to Biggie's music while Anto is sitting on Lolu lap

2:30pm - Bambam, Anto, Miracle, Tobi, Ifu Ennada and Leo are in the kitchen preparing the housemates' lunch meal

1:28pm - Strategic partners Miracle and Anto are in the garden chatting

1:17pm - This week's Head of House qualifier challenges comes to an end with Alex, Tobi, Leo and Bambam booking spots in the final challenge that will take place later on today.

1:16pm - Alex also manages to pull it off and completes the challenge

1:14pm - Bambam finally manages to pull it off and completes the challenge

1:03pm - It's now the ladies' turn to take part in the Head of House qualifier challenge.

12:57pm - Tobi and Leo excel in the Head of House qualifier challenge thereby booking spots in the head of house final challenge scheduled to take place later on today.

12:44pm - All the guys are struggling in today's head of house qualifier challenge.

12:39pm - The head of house qualifier challenge has kicked off with the guys playing first

12:33pm - Housemates enter the arena for this week's Head of House qualifier challenge

12:26pm - Biggie orders all the housemates to go to the garden and prepare to move to the arena for this week's Head of House qualifier challenge.

12:19pm - Cee-C and Tobi are in the garden chatting

12:11pm - Lolu and Anto are in bed chatting

12:08pm - Lovebirds Alex and Leo are in bed cuddling

12:04pm - Tobi is also having his breakfast

11:58am - Anto, Rico Swavey and Lolu are having breakfast together

11:44am - Most housemates are sleeping

10:51am - Leo is ironing his clothes as he chats to Alex and Lolu in the closet room

10:39am - Ifu Ennada and Rico Swavey are in the kitchen cooking

10:35am - Lovebirds Nina and Miracle are having breakfast together

10:02am - Nina is in the kitchen preparing breakfast

9:37am - Alex is doing her laundry

9:34am - Nina is sweeping in the house

9:33am - Rico Swavey is mopping in the lounge

8:37am - Teddy A and Bambam are on the bed cuddling

8:32am - The housemates are now done with their morning workout, they've left the arena and are back inside the house.

7:43am - The housemates are in the arena and have kicked off with their morning workout session

7:39am - The housemates are in the garden preparing to go to the arena for their morning workout

7:17am - Ifu Ennada is cleaning in the kitchen area

7:05am - Housemates have started waking up one by one

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