02 February, 2018

Day 5: Bitto Wins Week 1 Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games

Tonight the housemates have had their first Friday night Payporte Arena Games with Bitto emerging as the winner. 

After Head of House Tobi read the instructions to Housemates, there was a moment of confusion as they didn’t know if they were free to move away from the Punishment bowls. 

For a split second anxious glances were exchanged until Big Brother’s voice quickly blast out that punishments were suspended until further notice. 

For the Games, Housemates were instructed to complete an obstacle course, crawl through a tunnel, pile tires up into a tower and solve a jigsaw puzzle in the shape of the Big Brother eye for the chance to win a luxury treatment the next day.

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The game started only once Housemates wore safety gears. To everyone’s surprise, it is Bitto who won the first time around. 

Biggie was so stunned that he had earlier taken a jab at Bitto and said “you are more athletic than you look”. 

Bitto wasn’t the only one to be poked at by Biggie’s dry sense of humour. Never one to discriminate, Biggie also pulled K. Brule’s leg when the latter missed a piece of the jigsaw and launched “it is doubtful that you have a career as a painter”.Thankfully K. Brule is a musician, and a good one at that.

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