03 April, 2017

Day 71: Biggie Tests Housemates' Cooking Skills

Today Biggie decided to test the cooking skills of the Big Brother Naija 2017 finalists by asking them to prepare a meal using Indomie Instant Noodles.

After competing in the Memory Box Challenge earlier, it was time for the Housemates’ culinary skills to be put to the challenge.

They were to compete in a Cooking Challenge, sponsored by Indomie Instant Noodles. The Housemates were to prepare a meal using Indomie Instant Noodles and add other ingredients they could find in the kitchen. They had an hour to prepare the meal.

Reading the Task brief, HoH Bisola said they needed to ensure they made their dishes look presentable.

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“Big Brother decided that because your first Indomie Cooking Challenge was such a success and because your final week in the House is about looking back on what you have experienced, the Housemates will have another chance to compete in a Cooking Challenge,” read the brief.

Biggie had branded Indomie T-shirts and aprons for the Housemates in the Store Room and they got right into it, planning and preparing their dishes and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking.

The Housemates had a chance to present their dishes to Biggie in the Arena. They described how they prepared the meal and had to decide which dish was the best.

They were not allowed to vote for their own dish. Biggie asked them to stand behind the dish they felt was the best. Efe was announced the overall winner and Biggie further asked them to taste the food.

This week’s theme is Nostalgia and it promises to take the remaining Housemates to moments they experienced in the House, dating back as far as possible.

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UNKOWN said...

Nice one Biggie, there is no such thing as woman thing or man thing...cooking is for everyone and Efe did it effortlessly

Anonymous said...

I will miss all the housemates for this years big brother Naija.

Biggie please bring Africa big brother again I beg Oh!

Anonymous said...

Yho! The Nigerian people like noodles ne! sorry I will pass

UNKOWN said...


DDTO said...

Lol..Ive been wondering as well....and the portions..hay guyz I would literally die! It was quite an eye opener abt the nigerian culture though!!

Anonymous said...

sorry guys the Nigerian indomie noodles is not like the ones here in South Africa, i am a south African but after tasting theirs i always want to have more, i can eat a pot full guess you should try it out.

Anonymous said...

Bigbrother want to know whether his future wife Tboss can cook that was why he brought this task,

Amadi Inya said...

Efe tried o. www.sagetravels.com

Anonymous said...

Not only did he try, he also helped Tboss finish her cooking and and serving/preparation, as she had already given up on the task and ready to beat herself up. Efe came to her rescue, the young boy has a big heart, yet Tboss keeps hiting on him at every slightest thing. Though i am for the RISE'N nation. But the boy will always protect your interest and remain loyal except you do otherwise. Nice one. Vote for the rise'n nation. Apaparazzi

UNKOWN said...

If Efe does not win this show, we will hire Gerrie Nel and Barry roux to investigate for us what exactly happened, they are here in South Africa, we will contribute money for legal fees

Anonymous said...

Hate to hate why do people hate TBoss so much?????this is not fare to her family guys I REFUSE TO HATE

God loves us all

Ugigi said...

Now here is the crucial Question. To you in particular who have commented on this platform, have you voted?
The issue about this question is that you are the only person that can give a honest and convincing answer to yourself and not on any medium.
Your vote is the reality that will count not your comments or the hate on the most hated housemate. If you campaign on social media and make wishful/insulting comments without voting, you will be doing your favourite housemate a disservice and also to the show (that is meant to be enjoyed by all) by the time you scream "ojoro" when the results are announced and takes effect.
Mind you, one quiet person can actually pump in more votes than ten persons put together. So do the needful. I watched the last eviction show with a group of friends where someone turned off the TV and seized the remote control the moment Bally was evicted. What particularly annoyed me was that nobody in the gathering voted, yet there was a particular housemate they all expect would be evicted.
Honestly speaking, among three of the remaining five housemates, I'm not very sure who my favourite is as of now. They all have their peculiarities and I just want to believe that the result will be fairly counted and accorded.
Congratulations to whoever takes the price and big thanks to the other participants for the excitement and annoyance they created while in the house to entertain us. That is what the game was about.

Doronize said...

Efe really tried as a guy tho

Anonymous said...

Guys let's keep voting Efe.God bless us all.

Moses Adele said...

Big brother please let your vote count.Efe on sunday

Anonymous said...

I see bigbrother rigging this again.ttt kept saying a lady will win regardless of all.its well

Ugigi said...

If TTT is a decision maker he would have remained in the house. Do you also realise that a company with brand like Deloitte has their reputation at stake? At what price? A reality show?
You better vote or better still, ask your favourite housemate to quit the show and stop voting if really you think there is rigging. Do not loose or advise your teammates to loose their hard earned money voting in that wise.