17 March, 2017

Marvis's Move On Debie-Rise Was Merciless!!

The move Marvis pulled on Debie Rise: Gosh! this was really pitiless. Monday was the feared “nomination for possible eviction come Sunday” and obviously, all housemates took an interest in it. 

However one housemate, other than the Head of House, had an exceptional card that gave her the power to automatically add a housemate to the cleaving load up. and that housemate was Marvis, Efe’s crush in the house.

Later Biggie had called the housemates for possible eviction come this Sunday, he called on Marvis to include one more housemate, and her reaction was so fast. without reconsidering, she set up Debie-Rise, who is rumored to be signed by Don Jazzy when evicted.

Was this demonstration to show disdain towards Bassey for replacing Bally with Efe or was is done in light of the fact that she didn’t have another alternative?

Editor’s Opinion

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