10 March, 2017

Life Facts About BBNaija Housemate TBoss

After she celebrated her 33rd birthday this week, we thought you might need to know more about Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, TBoss.

So basically below is what you need to know about TBoss according to a blog set up about her life.

What is TBoss DOB
TBoss was born, 9th of March.

How old is TBoss?
TBoss is 32 years and will be 33 on her next birthday 9th of March.

Is TBoss married?
Tboss is not married and she is not in any relationship presently.

Does TBoss have a job?
Tboss (Head of Marketing, DarkKnights Motorsports) poses for a photo with other DarkKnights Motorsports administrators
TBoss is the head of Marketing, DarkKnights Motorsports.

Does TBoss have any children?
Tboss has no kids yet.

What's her best food?
Tboss is a lover of food, GOOD FOOD. Good healthy, nice looking food (not that foul looking stuff they were served with during the 'fear and superstition week' at the BBN house).  She eats Amala, Ofada rice, Ogbonno, Afang, Oha....  She is adventurous enough to try cuisine from different countries and love it.  She wont try snails though, nope.

Why wont TBoss dance?
She believes she cannot dance and would rather not try it for fear of looking foolish.

What's TBoss favourite colour?
Hmmmm...hmmmm, TBoss likes to wear dark toned colours and she also likes white...if i were to pick her favourite colours, i'd say blue, black, white, red, ...

What does TBoss like doing?
I could go on and on about this.  She likes to cook, clean. She comes alive at night and she would put on some music and start cleaning, that's what earned her the name 'Vampy'.  You may have noticed that she is particular about cleaning in the BBNaija house.  That is who she is.  TBoss has OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, she gets irritated when things are not in order or a place is untidy.

What schools did TBoss attend?
TBoss pictured on her Graduation day at University of Bucharest, Romania in 2008
TBoss completed her Secondary School education at the Federal Government Girls' College, Calabar in 2001. She did a stint at the University of Abuja where she studied Law for close to a year from 2003 to 2004. This was closely followed by a degree in Political Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania in 2008.

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Unknown said...

Big brother is doing all these so tbore would get likes. I wonder y he's so in particular about her

osadjere misan said...

Big brother is doing all these so tbore would get likes. I wonder y he's so in particular about her

St. Ben said...

The manipulative housemate going....going....going

awoofBonus upto 100% said...

she is going to win this contest

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, BBN is about finding that special particular person that entertain viewers in all aspects. I've been watching BBN from the beginning and up until this far, the only person who entertains in that house is Bitola. She is so fun, talented and she has brains.

Anonymous said...

Bisola has no selfrespect@ She should be disqualified for being such a bitch!

Anonymous said...

yes bisola has no self respect and she is too old to be in that house.more so i believe big brother is been partial most times. can you imagine bisola.marvis.efe discussing on sunday night who to vote and save.hmm such a jerk. she causes trouble and cunny a gossip too

yunus yetunde said...


Anonymous said...

So becos she entertains give her d right to b such an evil bitch? She shld take several seats abeg, tboss is not her leylah!

Anonymous said...

Tboss till day78! Debbierise a true frnd indeed! No eye servie, she says it as it is! Loyal to d core,unlike some pretentious evil bitches and eba swallowers

Anonymous said...

Big brother is NOT one person.. why am I even tryin to explain to u sef, not like u wld understand

Anonymous said...


Dante said...

ur definition of entertainment z sleeping abt in d house abi? that horny she goat. ur brain is obviously not connected to ur eyes. U can't fake class,she z in her class

Aino said...

Sms Vote TBoss to 32052
No TBoss, no BBN

tosin idowu said...

#BOSSNATION all the way. Vote TBoss cos "Haters got to know that they ain't God "

dbaby m said...

To whom it may concern

Mr blogger of this post , if you like delete my post again , na you sabi

I realised most of you speaking ill of Bisola , you werent watching from the beginning
As soon as tgey entered house , Tboss was the first to start the kissing and fucking things even though she had said none of the housemates can fit into her world
Of all the housemates , she has quarrelled most even with Debie Rise , her closest person in that house
Of all the housemates , I can still remember all the insultive words she has used on others during quarrel and she would never say sorry , she says she is never sorry
For peace to reign , others have to tell her sorry .

Search , the internet is filled with facts on what I posted . Only Debie Rise didnt sleep with anyone and dats because she has her eyes on Bassey .

I personally think Tboss is a bitch , a disloyal and backstabbing one at that

She nominated Miyonse , her fuck boy in the house and she nominated Gifty her best friend in the house
She would discard anyone after she has used you !

Why did she nominate her friends when she knows she wants friends on her side at the end ?
Why does she complain that others are always nominating her , didnt she nominate too ?

I watched yesterday 4th March when she said she is not sure she would keep her old friends if she wins while Bisola said she hopes her friends wont abandon her and they wld still go and watch movies with her as usual

I watched today when Tboss told Debie she slapped her boyfriend 3 times

Facts still remain that many are only moved by her fine face and oyibo skin. You are not really watching

Most of the quarrels she had were caused by her impatience and insults , Debie also told and she told Debie , whatever , I am not sorry .

I didnt even ype this to convince anyone but to share my part of the truth and enlighten others


Emmy said...

dbaby m...I believe you are a woman. woman naturaly hate on women who are light-skinned, skinny and lookabale...who hasn't quarrelled with who in the house? who hasn't kissed or went under the covers with someone? not a tboss fan but is stand with women cos im a woman.