17 March, 2017

Day 54: ThinTallTony Makes Fun Of Bisola’s Teeth And Body

While the Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates did their chores during the morning hours of Friday, ThinTallTony took pleasure in making fun of Bisola's teeth and body.

ThinTallTony said Bisola has a big dental formula and that she is Chabby.

Bisola, however, did not take the remark as a joke.

She told ThinTallTony that someone “out there” would love the way she looks.

She said, “You actually rubbed it in my face that I have got big teeth. You could actually rubbed it in my face that I am fat.

“It’s fine. I appreciate it, but somebody out there would love me, love my teeth the way it is, would love my body, would love how fat and big I am.

“Somebody out there would love everything about me. You were laughing, making fun about me but it’s fine.”

Please tell us what you think about ThinTallTony’s comments on Bisola's body yet a few weeks ago he was enjoying kissing her and touching her body..

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Anonymous said...

TTT is a likable dude but by making fun of our girl Bisola he has fallen victim of low count vote frm her fans like me even though i would still prefer him to stay than Tboss who is too bossy.

Anonymous said...

But he sha wld stil go and tboss wld stay, we don't need u to like it, is it ur bossy?

nikky SA richards bay said...

ttt you made a mistake dude no respect for you anymore how can you kiss her all of the suddenly she got big teehth nononon ttt thats your downfall it shows you use her
sis man ttt i trusted you with bisloa