04 March, 2017

4 Major Things That Happened On Day 39 Of BBNaija

Bisola gives ThinTallTony a massage
Day 39 Highlights: Did you miss the events of Wednesday, March 2, 2017? Well you needn't worry because we have put together four things that happened on DAY 39 of the show.

Please check them out below;

1. Uriel advised a timid Debie-Rise on how to assert herself more in the House.

“If we’re all together and you feel attacked, maybe you can respond by saying, ‘um listen, why do you like doing this in front of everybody?’ Say it in front of everybody. It will mean ‘don’t mess with me,” she advised.

“This House isn’t set up for you to be comfortable. There are many times where I’ve felt alone in this House. You must never allow anybody to put you down,” she added

2. Biggie had the Housemates play a different kind of volleyball. It involved balloons and paint, instead of the usual volleyball ball.

The Housemates were divided into two groups, with Team A led by Debie-Rise and Team B by Marvis.

The teams had to pass a balloon filled with paint no more than three times, before trying to burst it on their opponent’s side of the net.

3. Bisola and TTT are growing ‘stronger.’ After a stressful day, Bisola gave TTT a massage

4. During their diary session, Biggie asked the housemates who they would ask their fans to vote for if they weren’t all up for eviction.

TBoss said Debbie-Rise
Kemen chose Marvis
Marvis chose Kemen
Bally chose Efe
TTT chose Marvis
Debbie-Rise chose Bassey and Efe
Efe chose Bally
Uriel chose Marvis and Efe
Bisola chose Marvis
Bassey – Debbie Rise

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