13 February, 2017

CocoIce's Eviction From Big Brother Naija Was Predicted

There's little surprise that CocoIce was evicted from the Big Brother Naija house yesterday night as her eviction had been predicted through our Online Poll.

We ran an Online Poll  here on www.BigBrotherNaija.net for the whole of last week and it's results suggested that CocoIce might actually be evicted from the house and indeed she was booted last night.

In the Online Poll we're talking about, we asked the general public to tell us which housemates they were voting for. The public had to select a housemate name from the Poll list.

According to the results of our Online Poll, 2,786 people said they were voting to save Bisola, 1,690 said they were voting to save Bassey, 1,690 people said they were voting to save Gifty, 1,266 people said they were voting to save Debie-Rise and lastly only 760 people said they were voting to save CocoIce. 

And looking at the figures in the above paragraph, you can clearly see that fewer people said they were voting to save CocoIce.

Below is a screenshot of BigBrotherNaija.net's Online Poll that was carried out for the whole of last week:

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The results of the Online Poll we are talking about here are not the OFFICIAL Voting Results of last week (BBNaija Week 3) and they were not considered in evicting CocoIce from the house. The intention of our Online Poll was to know people's thoughts about which Housemates they were voting for.

** Therefore if you want the OFFICIAL Voting Results for Week 3, kindly contact the Official Big Brother Naija Website and Organisers at the following link: Official Big Brother Naija Website.

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