10 February, 2017

TBoss Feels Disrespected By Some Housemates

Marvis called TBoss “KuKumba”  meaning cucumber which she doesn’t like and this led to severe verbal exchange. 

It all started from Kemen who also called her a politician in the way she conducts her self  after as the Housemates were smarting from Biggie’s rebuke where they spoke from their hearts from Bassey to Bisola and many others.

TBoss was later seen crying in the garden then Kemen and CoCoIce joined to cool her down. Marvis took it to be alight issue and followed her wondering why she suc a simple joke could make TBoss snap that fast and temper. 

TBoss stealthily moved away as cowardly excused her self from them moving to the closet where ThinTallTony was also nursing his knee injury helped by Bisola.

Could  TBoss be missing former Housemate Miyonse or some housemates don’t respect her as she says?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahaha....atleat there was drama last night..Basey was trying to make valid points and Ice queen Kukumba decided to make noise and wash her precious hands...was super annoyed too