25 January, 2017

Day 3 Second Task: Housemates To Create a Nigerian Cultural Outfit

Big Brother just threw a surprise task into the mix and the Housemates are shook!

While the Housemates where busy planning their Nigerian folk presentations Big Brother threw a spanner into the works by introducing a second, surprise task. 

He wants the Housemates to pair up with the same individuals they did for the food challenge yesterday which most of them failed to complete. 

This time around they need to use the fabric and other materials provided by Biggie to create an outfit that represents a Nigerian cultural group though it doesn’t necessarily have to be traditional.

It’s been an eventful day for the Housemates who were given only ONE HOUR to put together a creative and impressive ensemble for their presentations later today. 

It’s going to be exciting to see who excels under pressure and who has a complete meltdown. The pressures on since they agreed to a 100% wager with Biggie which means they stand to lose a lot if they fail to complete another task.

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