31 January, 2017

Day 9: Biggie Asks Debie-Rise To Steal CocoIce's Secret Black Book And She'll Become The New "Igwe"

Biggie has yet again put some more responsibility on Debie-Rise's shoulders by giving her a secret task to accomplish.

So Big Brother summoned Debie-Rise to the Diary room and gave her two sensitive secret tasks to execute.

The first secret task was to find and posses Igwe's secret black diary which Biggie had given to CoCoIce

Big Brother opened up to a shocked Debie-Rise that she would automatically become the new Igwe if  she found the secret black book.

And in order to execute her new secret task, Biggie informed Debie-Rise that she is allowed to get help from one other housemate.

However Debie-Rise received a warning from Biggie that she had to keep this mission (secret task) a top secret from CocoIce "Igwe" or else it would mean that she has failed to accomplish her mission.

Alternatively Biggie gave Debie-Rise a 2nd task of encouraging the other housemates to disobey the "Igwe" and stage a coup d'etat during this week's task presentation.

Biggie further explained to the Joker that she was only required to execute this second task if she had failed to find CocoIce's secret black diary by the time the task presentation was being done.

Will she accomplish her new task?? lets wait and see what happens..

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