02 March, 2017

Watch The Music Video Of Uriel’s Hit Single ‘Nwoke Oma’

Uriel Oputa, the sexy ebony colored Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate is a music artist who was born in England and grew up in south west London. She originally hails from Oguta in Imo state, her Mother is an Okwuosa and her late father, Oputa.

She started recording in the UK straight after university and successfully created an Rnb Album which was produced by Olly Jay from Rhymes Production London, soon after that she moved to Nigeria where she worked with Dekumzy who produced her first solo Afro beat track titled ‘Merry Go Round’.

She later joined a group called Caku Republik which was made up of Sunky (Producer of Styl-Plus), Mr Chicks and herself, They made Electro Afro beats in Abuja and made several appearances on stage.

Her plans for music is basically to tell a story through her songs which are deep rooted to her personal experiences and emotions. She is free within House beats and there are no rules within that Genre of music. Her music inspiration cuts across the likes of David Guetta, Diana Ross,Tracy Chapman and Nelly Uchendu.”

Her released hit singles include ‘Spell’ and most recently ‘Nwoke Oma’

You can watch the video below:

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  1. this big brother naija this ppl well establish i cant wait for efe secret but to me he seems so real we will see mmh uriel giffy ttt tboss they seems financialy ok ok to me but efe i will support him true naija village boy

  2. uriel a singer wow on their diary session they tell a differnt story i dont why they do that to feel peety for them they are not true to themselves they can do anything to win even if they have lie about their back ground

  3. At least she's a musician who can sing. Efe says he's a rapper but can't rap to save his life. Marvis is an even worse rapper. I will only vote for people who are smart enough to know their strengths well to not lose the money trying things they're obviously bad at.'Village boy' is not a career or talent. Just keeping it real....