03 February, 2017

Who Are Your Favourite Big Brother Naija Housemates??

This is the second week of Big Brother Naija and we believe by now you already have 1 or 2 favourite housemates that you're always watching, making sure you get to know whatever it is that your favourite housemates have done in the house.

You're even willing to vote and save your favourite Housemates more than 100 times, any day, any time.

And that being said, we have put up an Online Poll here on www.BigBrotherNaija.net so that you can tell us who your favourite housemates are by participating in the Poll.

Check out our Poll below and simply select your favourites Housemate:

[Week 2] Who Are Your Favourite Housemates?

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  1. I vote for miyonse, it make the show interesting especially the romance btw him and those pls for sake of show let this handsome guy remain in the house.thanks biggy

  2. is this really the official website?10;40pm 4th feb and you still have news of 3rd feb as your latest?haba biggie

  3. Miyonce plz go home,Bisola u r fucking up,u like to fight,u a Trouble shooter...

  4. I vote for Igwe efe to stay in the house

  5. Igwe Efe and Thin Tall Tony all the way,also Bisola is good to stay in the house till it is all over.

  6. Efe! all day, everyday