26 February, 2017

Week 6 Nominations: Biggie Replaces The Live Nominations With A Game Of Chance

Nominations for week 6 of Big Brother Naija 2017 have been replaced with a game of chance.

During today's live show, Biggie decided that the housemates play a game of chance to see who goes up for possible Evictions next week. 

Ebuka then asked all the housemates except Bally and Bisola who weren't present in the house at the moment to go to the arena immediately.

And here's how the game of chance was organised:

30 envelopes were laid out on a table and whatever a housemate picked, he or she was to deal with.

The housemates began picking and unfortunately nobody had luck on their side as they all picked envelopes with "NOMINATED" written on it.

This meant that all the 8 housemates that picked envelops had been automatically nominated to face possible eviction in for week 6.

However there will be a Head of House Task tomorrow and the winner will automatically gain immunity from Nominations.

And further still, the Head of House won't be in position to exercise the "Save and Replace" power this week.

Mean while Bally and Bisola have been compensated with a mystery trip to a paradise location. 

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  1. Paradise indeed! U took dem to isolation and call dat paradise! I even dey pity dem sef! Team tboss till day 78

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Its going to be an interesting week,after the head of house task this evening. Voting starts.

  4. Ooo thats so cool, so that the LIPIOUS Limpopo aka skippo (meaning overSabi, too know) aka Lip-plunger aka LIPthings aka Lip-news aka Lip diarrea wont bore us with his overSabi skills by trying to foreTell next event; you already know without mentioning name. In fact, im hoping to see more surprises from Biggie himself/itself..

  5. Sure..... He's definitely going home with Uriel; d second of his type..... mark my words