30 January, 2017

Gifty Reduced To Tears By Soma

Drama in the Big Brother Naija house is continuing to unfold as time goes on, today Gifty was left fuming and in tears by Soma.

It's quite clear that Soma has a thing for Gifty but he hasn't got what he wants yet.

The pair had a one on one talk after which Soma told Gifty that she appears to be loose to everybody because of the way she flirts with all the guys in the house.

Gifty who was on the receiving end didn't take this lightly as she warned Soma never to touch her again.

Soon after Gifty was reduced to tears and obviously Debie-Rise didn't mind offering her a shoulder for her to cry on.

What will happen next between Gifty and Soma, keep logged in and we'll update you..

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  1. #BBnaija nawa o, so Cocoice no like Soma all this while. Chai. Uwa nkea sef. Na so person go send u make u bring am water, still cause rain to beat am. Coco vex be say Soma crush on Gifty not her.

  2. Vote efe from Patrica n Bothwell Masuko

  3. Clearly she was acting. Gifty is so classless. And she seems like the type of person who will do anything for money. Even marry her husband for nollywood roles. The girl caught on that it was a task to make her cry and he started pretend hugging and crying and trying to be the centre of attention. Normally someone being told she is a whore will be more furious and not start acting out. Clearly she is a bad actress. Saw through all her acting.

  4. If EFE live bbn It will be painful, don't think the show will interest me to watch again

  5. Efe is matured, seriously I have feelings for him.
    Vote for Efe.

  6. Everyone n their own opinion. Gifty is a sweet girl she's just still growing up. She was hurt . I feel for her . U r save my charming Gifty. Only a classless will know one. Efe on d other hand is such a scare crow lolllll . Too much fear
    d guy wan die bcos of nomination.lol.cheer up bro

  7. Gifty all the way